NotaNFT – NotaBubble Launch – NFT Calendar

NotaNFT – NotaBubble Launch – NFT Calendar

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NotaNFT is an art collective founded in 2021. NotaNFT consists of 9 renowned artist/crypto developers from North America, Europe, and Asia. Together NotaNFT has set out to revolutionize the NFT world.

By merging contemporary philosophical insights derived from quantum mechanics and ancient Buddhist meditative practices NotaNFT will produce works that will critique, invert and revolutionize the NFT universe.

All NotaNFT NFT’s have been digitally handcrafted and selected by the art collective. The work was principally inspired by great artists like Magritte and Banksy.

NotaNFT has launched the NotaBubble series on the 29th of August with the drop of 6 static and 3 animated NFT’s. This first series consists of 99 + 99 (animated) works of art. All of these (beautiful) bubble images were digitally handcrafted by the artists and have been curated for beauty and quality.

Going forward, each day 9 additional one-of-a-kind art pieces will be put up for auction, with the minimum reserve price increasing in increments of 0.05 ETH per day, thus giving our early supporters a first-mover advantage.

Check out the ongoing auction on OpenSea:

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