The Visitors NFT Have Landed....

Visitors NFT
The Visitors NFT Have Landed....​

Fortunately, they first connected to the internet and instantaneously became too dumb to take over anything

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 1.20.10 AM
Stranded a million light years away from their home, The Visitors survive on a diet of pop culture garbage from the dumpster of humanity.
Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 1.20.10 AM
They are now cursed to share cat GIFs and memes with each other until the end of time.
Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 1.15.41 AM
The Visitors is a collection of 10,001 unique pieces of collectible art, living on the Ethereum-compatible Polygon Proof of Stake (POS) Network. Each Visitor comes with perks that grant exclusive access.

All 10,001 Visitors Are Now Among Us. 

Get A Chance To Be A Part Of This Incredible NFT Project That Extends Beyond Our Universe.

On Second Thought – MINT A MAMBA Today – These Guys Are On The ETH Mainnet!


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About Us

During our work we organized countless journeys for our clients. We started as a small tour bureau, and soon we expanded our offers list. Today we have valuable experience travelling and we can advise the most stunning resorts.

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2021's Most Unique Visitors

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Rarity: 1000

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Asking Price:
0.05 ETH
Rarity: 1
Asking Price:
1.11 ETH
Rarity: 5453

Looking left and hoping for more then seed laced weed from the next earth-ly ‘dealer’


Asking Price:
0.24 ETH
Rarity: 2234

Just a visitor whos liking earth suckers and lolipops!

Asking Price:
0.85 ETH